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      1. Welcome to Shenzhen TAIDA Membrane Switch Co., Limited
        Membrane switch is an operating system which integrates key-press function,...
        The outer frame is a closed frame with no wiring, which protects the inner...
        For maintenance personnel, some old-fashioned equipment can record the line...

        There are many thin film switch manufacturers, but few specialized and high-level enterprises. Workshop management, family management, small scale, low starting point. It is difficult to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the market for products. In view of this, the founder of Teda Thin Film Switch Co., Ltd. joined forces with the industry elite to jointly create the company at the end of 2009. Its common vision is: to meet the growing demand of customers for thin film switch products with high standards of products and high quality services.

        From the very beginning of Taida's establishment, it began with a high starting point. After nearly ten years of hard work, Teda has now reached a high point in the industry.

        First of all, there is a team of professional staff who can fight hard battles: engineers have more than 9 years of senior experience; production line employees are stable all the year round, with many years of skilled operation skills.

        Secondly, advanced infrastructure: more than 2000 square meters of modern factory buildings, spacious and bright dust-free workshop, automatic and semi-automatic printing machinery, the most advanced film switch production and testing equipment are all available;

        Third, standardize scientific management: whether it is the establishment of QMS, EMS, OHSAS, as well as environmental protection projects, safety facilities, etc., fully comply with international standards and national requirements. The general manager of the company has accumulated many years of scientific management experience in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18000 certification consulting, certification auditing and the position of the industry's president. Applied to this enterprise. A complete and standardized management system has been established.

        Resource advantages and honest management will inevitably lead to fruitful results, TEDA customers all over the world. We have maintained good cooperative relations with well-known customers in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, France, Britain, Japan, Guangzhou CNC, Willon Technologies, Beijing Kunlun Tongtai, Peko Electrical Appliances, Plott Electronics and so on.

        In early 2018, in order to create better conditions for the next floor, the company successfully expanded and relocated to Guanlan Street, Longhua District.

        TEDA Trademark Idea: Outer Circle Inner!
        Teda's core values: doing things perfectly and being square!


        ADD.:Second Floor, Building C7, Fuqiao Fourth Industrial Zone, Qiaotou Community, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City
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